Real Estate Service Industry

The property market in Hong Kong is in high demand. A number of local development projects have led to the development of the real estate service industry. As a result, the demand for property management and real estate personnel has increased. Hong Kong’s real estate services industry employs about 120000 people, including property management, estate agents and real estate development, and so on. The working hours in this industry are generally longer than those in other industries, and the physical strength required is relatively high, resulting in greater employee mobility.

Job Title

The building attendant (security guard) plays an important role in safeguarding the safety of the public. Their duties include the management of residential, commercial, factory and other facilities. The following are the main tasks:

  • Reception of business users and registered visitors
  • Handle complaints and enquiries
  • Record property accidents, such as elevator damage, power failure, false alarm, etc., and contact the person in charge for repairs
  • Maintain the daily operation of the equipment and supervise the maintenance and cleaning of the property
  • Patrol, maintain the order and deal with emergencies
  • Ensure smooth passage of public corridors and fire escapes
Working hours

About 48-72 hours a week

Working environment

Depending on the type of property they are stationed in, their daily work is usually at the entrance of the building, car park, etc

Promotion and reference salary
Building attendant
Approximately $10,000-14,000
Building Security Supervisor
Approximately $15,000-18,000
Building Officer
Approximately $18,000 or more
Entry requirements
  • Secondary 3 or above
  • A good command of Cantonese and English
  • A holder of a security personnel permit
Examples of related training and courses

Diploma Yi Jin Programme


Other training courses

Note 3: A holder of a Yi Jin Diploma is equivalent to attaining Level 2 in five subjects of the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination (including Chinese Language and English Language). Job Title: Estate Agent


Estate agents need good social and communication skills to communicate directly with their clients. The following are the main tasks of estate agents:

  • Provide property information to customers
  • Promotion and sale of real estate properties and provision of after-sales services
  • Contact and receive customers, establish good relationships with customers
Working hours

About 52 hours a week

Working environment

Work in a real estate agency and accompany clients when necessary

Good communication skills
Promotion and reference salary
Estate agent trainee
Approximately $70,000-10,000
Registered estate agent
Customer manager

Note: The remuneration will vary according to experience and commission.

Entry requirements
  • A secondary school graduate
  • A good command of Cantonese and Chinese
  • After obtaining an estate agent’s licence, you will be able to work as a licensed estate agent
Examples of related training and courses
Industry Sharing

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