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Recruitment Day at Tai Po Job Centre

Interested in jobs from the logistics industry? The HKSARG Labour Department is going to hold a logistics industry recruitment day on 16th July at Tai Po Job Centre. The event will provide job information and on-the-spot interview of 25 jobs over 4 logistics companies. Interview timeslots will be allocated by on-the-spot chit distribution on a first-come-first-served basis. No reservation is required. Applicants are required to prepare and bring along with their HKID, resume, photos, proof of education and employment to facilitate arrangement of job application.


Date:     16 July 2019 (Tuesday)
Time:     2:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Venue:  Tai Po Job Centre
(3/F Tai Po Government Offices, 1 Ting Kok Road, Tai Po, N.T.; near Exit B, MTR Tai Wo Station)


For more details, please click the following URL:


Kowloon East Job Fair 2019

Looking for job vacancies to display your talents? At the East Kowloon Job Fair, employers of a large variety of industries conduct on-the-spot recruitment of about 2 500 vacancies. Different participating organizations on each day, free admission.


Date: 20 & 21 June 2019 (Thursday and Friday)
Time: 11:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. (Last admission at 5:00 p.m.)
Venue:  Yau Tong Community Hall (38 Ko Chiu Road, Yau Tong; MTR Yau Tong Station Exit A1, Near Domain Mall)


For more details, please click the following URL:


Youth E-Start – Recruitment Day – Kwai Fong Youth Employment Start

Summer holiday is coming soon, teenagers can take advantage of the summer holiday to apply for summer jobs and improve your working skills.

Aged 15 to 29 are welcome to join the recruitment event. Applicants are required to bring a valid Hong Kong identity card for registration.


Date: 6 May 2019 (Mon)
Time: 2:00 – 5:00p.m.
Venue: Y.E.S. (Kwai Fong)


Career ambition Test - What kind of career do you fit in?

Career ambition Test – What kind of career do you fit in? 

In order to find a suitable career for students, students should have a preliminary understanding of their own personality and interest. Students can test the following career aspirations here:

Six personality Types
Practical type: Practical-minded, competent in making use of tools and machines, like to learn practical skills

(Suitable job types could be craft and technical occupations such as engineering, building, maintenance)

Inquiry: Love to investigate and explore new things; logical thinking; analytical and possess problem solving abilities

(Suitable job types could be investigative and intellectual occupations such as working in information technology and communication industries)

Art type: Like creative and original work, impulsive, self-expressive using different medias

(Suitable job types could be creative occupations like entertainment and design)

Social type: Friendly, generous, helping people, enjoy interacting with others

(Suitable job types could be involving helping people like social services and healthcare services)

Business type: extroverted initiative, good at helping others, doing things better (more suitable for dealing with financial, real estate and retail industry, etc.).

Regular pattern: Energetic, persuasive, ambitious and risk-taking

(Suitable job type could be Selling and marketing occupations like financial, property and retail industry)

Format: The Test is a self-administrated online questionnaire containing 60 items. Users only need to answer all questions honestly and frankly basing on their personal views. In general, it takes about 20 minutes to complete the Test.

Result and Analysis: After completing the questionnaire, the system will assess the two more prominent personality types of the users, so as to identify the more suitable job types and training courses for them.



Mong Kok Job Expo-Building a Multi-culture Workplace

The Labour Department will organise the Mong Kok Job ExpoBuilding a Multi-culture Workplace on 18-19 March 2019.  There are 92 participating employers providing suitable vacancies for local ethnic minority job seekers and conducting direct recruitment on spot in the event. Details of Job Expo are as follows:


Date:  18-19 March 2019 (Monday & Tuesday)

Time: 11:00 – 17:30 (Last admission at 17:00)

Venue: MacPherson Stadium, 1/F, 38 Nelson Street, Mong Kok

(MTR Mong Kok Station Exit E2)





Youth Business Hong Kong (YBHK)

YBHK, which began in 2005, has been serving the newly established enterprises in Hong Kong for more than a decade, not to mention the number of enterprises benefiting from them.  Let’s apply now!

Four core services

Start-up Fund: With the support of Ng Teng Fond Charitable Foundation, successful applicants will receive an interest-free payment of up to 150,000 Hong Kong dollars as the principal for the start-up of the business. The total amount of funds to be borrowed will be determined by the assessment group on a case-by-case basis (the amount of funds granted under each plan will be different).

Creative guidance and professional consultation: Creative instructors are appointed by senior executives, customers and professionals from entrepreneurs and industrial and commercial organizations. They will contribute to the time, professional knowledge and experience, become the compulsory business problems of young entrepreneurs, and arrange industrial and trade organizations and business service organizations to provide professional customer service for young entrepreneurs.

Business support: To provide or assist young entrepreneurs with the hardware, resources and support they need to operate and establish business networks for young entrepreneurs.

Information and networking: Providing young entrepreneurs with industrial, trade, financial and legal information as basic business information, as well as channels to help them gain access to the local business network.

Deadline: 15 March 2019

Enroll now:
More details:創業支援/香港青年創業計劃-ybhk/


Beware of Employment Traps

Employment Traps

Swindlers take advantage of job seekers’ eagerness to find jobs and defraud them of money or other benefits. As employment traps emerge in different forms, job seekers should always stay alert and be cautious to avoid falling into these traps and suffering any losses. The followings are some of the common employment traps. Job seekers should be alert, seek advice and assistance when necessary.

Trap 1: Pyramid Selling Schemes

Trap 2: Vice Traps

Trap 3: Talent Scout Scams

Trap 4: Financial and Investment Scams

Trap 5: Theft of Personal Data

Trap 6: Unlawful Work

Trap 7: Charging Unreasonable Fees

Trap 8: Luring Job Seekers to Pursue Further Studies

Trap 9: Fraud Online Recruitment
Detecting Employment Traps

There are various employment traps. You can avoid falling into the snares of criminals if you are cautious and prudent. Below are some methods to detect employment traps:

  • Be realistic and sensible
  • Be alert when attending interviews
  • Don’t make payments or produce important documents readily
  • Examine the contract terms and additional conditions carefully
  • Don’t sign documents readily
  • Check whether the scope of duties matches the descriptions in the advertisement or interview
  • Seek assistance

Employment protection

In Hong Kong, there are a number of ordinances including “The Employment Ordinance”, “Proper employment record “and “The Employees’ Compensation Ordinance “to protecting employees ‘rights and benefits. Employment Ordinance The Employment Ordinance is the principal piece of legislation to protect the rights and interests of employees. It provides for the payment of wages, rest days, annual leave, sickness allowance, severance pay, and so on. Proper employment records Complete and clear employment records can help employees to master their terms of employment and benefits, check the amount of employment benefits and leave taken by employers and record their work history and skills. To facilitate future employment, further upgrading or recognition of qualifications, to reduce disputes arising from unclear terms of employment or incomplete records, and to manage “individual accounts” under the mandatory Provident Fund Scheme, if necessary; May be used as a basis for recovery of employment benefits, It is also recommended that you keep a record of your wages and employment so that you can better protect your rights and interests. The Employees’ Compensation Ordinance If you want to claim employees’ compensation for work injuries or prescribed occupational diseases, please refer to the Concise Guide to the Employees’ Compensation Ordinance and other related publications.


YETP - Part-time Recruitment Day

The Youth Employment and Training Programme (YEPT) of the Labour Department will hold a Part-time Recruitment Day on 27 November 2018 (Tuesday). It will provide more than 600 vacancies which do not require relevant academic and professional experience. Young people who are interested can apply and conduct on-the-spot interviews. Successful applicants will receive paid in-service training for the first six to nine months of their employment.

  1. Time: 2 p.m. – 5 p.m.  (For people who are not members of “Youth Employment Start”, please register at 1: 30 pm at the venue. You can also pre-register on the “Youth Employment Start” website
  2. Entry requirement: 15-24 years, Young school leavers with secondary three to associate degree (or equivalent) (Please note that the entry requirements for different positions are different). Must be lawfully employable in Hong Kong (In the case of a non-Hong Kong permanent resident, a valid travel certificate must be provided to confirm he/her employability in Hong Kong)
  3. Documents needed:
  • ID card
  • Resume
  • Certifying Letter of Education and Work (if applicable)
  • A few original and copies of recent certified photographs

Welcome to life planning website

The life planning website provides a comprehensive and up-to-date career information platform for students, parents and teachers in various aspects of learning and education. It enables students to plan their future careers by exploring and understanding different industry information. At the same time, the website also provides educational information on career planning for parents and teachers as a reference to assist students in their career development.

We will share the latest industry information with you on a monthly basis! Stay tuned!


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